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Thermoelectric Cooled Cases

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  • Thermoelectric coolers keep hot electronics cool
  • Solid state construction is extremely reliable with long life span
  • Cooling power from 200 – 3,000 BTU/H
  • Effective in ambient temperatures to 60° C (140° F); ask about higher ambient models
  • Reverse operation to heat electronics in extreme cold
  • Digital controller and remote monitoring optional
  • A variety of AC and DC power configurations are available
The configuration of an air conditioned case depends on several factors. To make an accurate recommendation, submit a request on the right. Or, call 1.888.880.7728 to speak with a sales engineer.
Our thermoelectric cooled rackmount cases protect equipment during shipment and operation and prevent your sensitive electronics from overheating. These units circulate cool air through the interior of the case and expel warm air into the ambient environment. They range from 200 to 3,000 BTU/HR and are powered from either an AC or DC source. Thermoelectric coolers have NO compressor, refrigerants or filters. This results in reliable, maintenance-free, long-term operation. Thermoelectric cooled cases are rugged, durable, portable, stackable, impact-resistant, corrosion-resistant and tested to stringent military standards (certain models).

Thermoelectic Mounting Options

Thermoelectric air conditioners can be integrated into nearly any style of transit case. Choose from a number of positions and combinations: vertical, horizontal, flush or recessed. Multiple units may be combined for additional cooling.
Top Mount, Recessed
Top Mount, Flush
Rack mount, Recessed
Rackmount, Flush
Dual Mount
Instrument Panel Mount
Lid Mount
Top Mount, Flush and Horizontal
Recessed Frame
Flush-mount (200 BTU only)
Extension Frame (400 BTU and larger)

Contact Sierra Cases today to learn more about thermoelectric cooling options.
Air Conditioned Cases, Request a Quote Form

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